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About Brooklyn

About Media Lemon

“Our never-ending passion for gaming is in the heart of Media Lemon.
Although it is a brand-new studio, we have a wealth of experience in trailers,
teasers and all forms of video promotion. Our work covers a wide range of industries
from TV and Film to Gaming. Our team has more than 15 years of experience which
makes us the perfect partner for even the most ambitious projects.”


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Marketing Departments:
Maximize their Games Exposure
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About Brooklyn

Our Clients

“We have worked with various renown clients
such as Disney, FOX, Miramax and National Geographic.
All these years of combined experience in TV and Film became the foundations of our studio
when we transitioned to Gaming, and helped us attract big players such as Gameloft.
We are grateful and proud of the trust they have invested in us.”