About Us

“Our never-ending passion for gaming is in the heart of Media Lemon. Although it is a brand-new studio, we have a wealth of experience in trailers, teasers and all forms of video promotion. Our work covers a wide range of industries from TV and Film to Gaming. The goal of our core team is to provide you with the best service possible because we enjoy what we do. We are good friends and seasoned professionals dedicated to our passion.”


Evgeniy Batinkov

Art Director & 3D Supervisor

When we talk about art direction and serious technical problems, Evgeniy is one of the best problem solvers out there. We admire his dedication, knowledge and experience that he can use in every difficult task.

7 years as Art Director at News Corp’s bTV;
8 years as Motion Graphic Designer & FX at FOX.


Danail Lazarov

Director & Editor

When it comes to editing a trailer Danny is a perfectionate craftsman. He combines his passion for games and draws inspiration from his film industry experience. He geeks out in all the right ways – you could see him playing a game in one moment and putting together a fan trailer in the next.

12 years as a Trailer & Promo Producer at Fox
14 movies as VFX Editor at Worldwide FX
Freelance Director

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Nick Alamanov

Project Manager & Writer

Nick has the rare ability to be simultaneously organised and artistic, being both a skilled project manager and a seasoned writer. He will steer the success of your trailer from birth to fruition with care and ease.

7 years as a senior producer/PM at Nat Geo & FOX;
4 musical albums behind his back.
Published writer;

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