“Our production workflow is straightforward and optimized for best performance and time saving.
There are a couple of paths that have proven their efficiency and that we like to follow.”


Workflow Examples


First Step: Script / Storyboard / Animatic / Rough Cut

1. 3D Cinematic Game Trailer – The trailer is entirely produced outside the game engine. We first write a script based on your unique selling points and game features. We direct the sequence and create a storyboard with the help of our talented artists. After available 3D assets from the original game art have been discussed we can continue with the 3D content production and animation. Eventually we end up with the first animatic / rough cut of the trailer.

2. Gameplay Trailer – In this case we skip the script and the storyboard and go straight to the first rough cut of the trailer based on captured gameplay footage and cut scenes. Usually this is the fastest way to produce a game trailer.

3. 2D Cinematic Trailer – We can enhance and animate 2D illustrations from your concept art department to create an animated cinematic or a trailer.

4. Enhanced In-Engine Trailer – Suitable for cases where the game is slow-paced or when the production is in its initial phase and no game scenes or footage are available. Based on the ready assets and the target of the trailer, we can provide you with a directed story, script, storyboard and animatic. Additionally, we can collaboratively direct the scenes from the shot list with your team inside your game engine to deliver the trailer.


Second Step: Animatic / Rough Cut / Music / Voice Over

The music is one of the most essential parts of a game trailer. In the first animatic / rough cut, we are going to provide you with a reference music from a premium music bank. After the cut is approved you can either choose to buy the rights for the music or you can let us create a similar composition. In case you have an in-house sound designer we can provide him with directions and supervise the production. We have our own VO artist at our disposal in case you want us to record the VO too.

Third Step: The Final Cut

After several iterations on the edit we end up with the finalized sequence of the trailer. This is the step where all the lighting and timings of the animations in the shots get refined and finalized too.


Fourth Step:  Title Design and Motion Graphics

To reinforce the storytelling, we can design and animate the way all the texts, titles and logos reveal on screen. We can develop a unique look for them or implement the client’s art directions. In the cases of shots with a first-person perspective we can add animated UI elements and make them react to events.

Final Step: Visual Effects

In this step it is all about enhancing the trailer. We can compose the shots based on the edited footage and add 2D elements or complicated 3D simulations such as rain, mist, fire, smoke, character FX, blasts, and destruction to make the trailer really shine.