March of Empires

Cinematic Trailer for Gameloft

Gameloft contacted us because they wanted to promote their massively successful March Of Empires, a game played by over 10 million IOS and Android users.

Client Brief:

To make an impressive cinematic trailer from the original game art and, since the game was intended to be played from a bird´s eye point of view, to additionally enhance it in order to compensate the lack of detail.


  • Lowpoly models and textures which had to be enhaced and yet preserve the original game art.
  • The proportions, scale and textures of the environment were exaggerated.


  • The first step was to develop and deliver a script, storyboard and animatic.
  • We remodeled and textured the outer wall, buildings and the environment of the city in high detail and added plants, clouds, volumetric atmosphere and FX.
  • We created 3D Matte paintings of the environment where we placed the original Gameloft 2D drawn characters
  • A graphics system was developed in order to present the marketing messages in the trailer in a visually effective way.
  • Each of the formats was delivered as an After Effects template in which the marketing messages for the different languages can be replaced with ease.


Gameloft did a massive IOS and Android marketing campaign in which the trailer played a key role.