Phoenix Point

Launch Trailer for SNAPSHOT Games

Snapshot Games contacted us to develop a Launch Trailer for their game Phoenix Project. The producer and conceptualist of the game is Julian Gollop the creator of the legendary UFO: Enemy Unknown a.k.a the “man who gave birth to the X-COM franchise”.

Client Brief:

To make an impressive, VFX enhanced trailer for Phoenix Point, which will draw interest to the game and serve the marketing department of Snapshot to promote the release of the game on the market.


  • The game is slow paced, so our main challenge was to find a way to tell the story of the trailer in a more dynamic and engaging way, to enhance the original gameplay itself.
  • Short production time – 30 working days and 4K output.
  • 5 versions of the trailer with different lengths and their localization for 8 countries.


  • A script was developed to tease the game without revealing its story twists, combined with a dynamic edit to provoke curiosity and interest in the new game.
  • An important part of the game story is the alien fog that covers the globe. Based on the shot with the UI planet from the game that the Snapshot team provided, we made a 3D Volume simulation of the planet’s coverage. To enhance the overall look of the trailer we added VFX smoke that interacts with some of the original game rendered shots from Unity.

  • Motion graphic plates were created in the style of the game to present in a dynamic and interesting way the marketing messages.
  • Each version of the trailer was delivered in After Effects template format, in which the marketing messages in the different languages ​​can be replaced with ease.
  • A graphics system for the best integrated presentation of the text marketing messages in the trailer was created to enhance the message Snapshot’s team aimed to communicate.


  • The trailer was very well received by the fans compared to the previous cinematic trailer.
  • It got 200k views on YouTube just in a few days and more than a million views on the social networks worldwide.
  • 40 versions of the trailer were localized for 8 countries.