Phoenix Point

Project Trailer for Snapshot Games

In the process of creating the launch trailer for Phoenix Point, Snapshot, pleased with the progress, asked us if we could help with the development of one of their cinematics as well.

Client Brief:

The cinematic is the intro to the game, which should tell the retrospective pre-story of Phoenix Project. Our task was to create an animated video out of the game art illustrations that the talented artists of Snapshot provided us with.


  • Short production time <8 working days.
  • The source material was static illustrations.
  • 4K output.


  • In addition to the edit we made to reinforce the drama of the events that led to the rise of the aliens, the camera movement in each frame was animated, as well as the characters and props; the illustrations were painted over, so that we could make them come to life and create a parallax effect.
  • We animated the scenes so that the action and the story in the illustrations are perceived as clearly as possible and added color corrections, and After Effects Post FX to enhance the story.
  • The Logo Reveal was also animated and stylized.
  • The trailer was made and delivered in 4K format.


The cinematic was so well received that it was also used as a pre-release trailer of the game.